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Project Description
AntEater is a Visual Studio Package that extends the MSBuild integration of Visual Studio.
It provides a visual editor for build files and allows the execution of any target within a build file.
The current release is built for Visual Studio 2005 and doesn't support Visual Studio 2008.

Source Code
In order to use the source code the developer machine must meet the following prerequistes:
  • Visual Studio 2005 Professional or any Team Edition must be installed.
  • To use the Unit Test the Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers or Team Edition for Tester must be installed.
  • To use the integrated FxCop settings Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers must be installed.
  • The Visual Studio 2005 SDK must be installed.
  • To build the the API Documentation of AntEater the Sandcastle Tools and the Sandcastle Help File Builder must be installed.

Build AntEater Source Code
In order to build the source code and use it on an other machine the following tasks must be done:
  • All the assemblies must be signed with a strong name key file.
  • The Visual Studio Package must be registered within Microsoft.
  • The key provided by Microsoft must be entered in the resource file of the Visual Studio Package.
For further details about Visual Studio Packages pleas consult the documentation to AntEater (only available in German) or the Help provided by Microsoft on either the Visual Studio Extensibility Center ( or in the help of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK.

The follwoing documents are available. Currently only in German.
Additional Information
The project AntEater was initially developed as a project thesis at the Lucern University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

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